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Lap Steel Information:

Bluestem Lap Steel Construction Guide on CD with full size 24" by 35" print!

The BLUESTEM BASIC 6 STRING LAP STEEL CONSTRUCTION GUIDE" features 110 pictures and descriptive text on CD and includes a 24" by 35" construction print that details the full size example instrument and various alternate details such as tone control wiring and the Bluestem "modern style" head stock!
The guide is currently priced at $20 with first class US post office shipping included to the lower 48 United States. Please e-mail me with "Bluestem Info Request" in the subject line if you are interested in purchasing one of these CD guides. I accept payment in any form you wish, although personal checks take an additional 10 days to clear my bank before the guide is shipped. I can also send Paypal Payment Request by e-mail if you prefer to use that option for immediate shipment. If you have a Paypal account you may also use the Paypal "Send Money" option.
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This unique guide CD features over 50 pages of text and photos organized in 17 chapters, and follows the building of the 6 string 22-1/2" scale lap steel guitar shown below.

Instrument as constructed from the CD guide:

Click picture for larger view...

Basic Lap Steel Construction Guide CD contents:

1. Full size 24" by 35" print with bonus information such as the Bluestem modern headstock option and tone control wiring.

2. Basic lap steel construction print in PDF file format. View the file on your computer or take it to your local Fed-Ex / Kinko's or other full service copy shop to print a full size 24 " by 35" print at a cost of approximately $5. If the PDF is printed out full size, templates for body shape and other items can be transferred directly to clear plastic to create templates.
The CD also contains PDFs to allow the plan to be printed on one 8-12" by 11" page or four 8-1/2" by 11" pages that assemble into a print that is approximately half size.

3. E-book entitled "BASIC SIX STRING LAP STEEL CONSTRUCTION GUIDE" (Or “How to build a basic lap steel guitar in 109 easy illustrated steps…”)
The CD guide follows the construction of one version of the instrument with over 100 photos and descriptive text to go with them. The CD guide's 17 chapters and 50 pages of text are done with smaller thumbnails of all photos and are arranged to enable you to print the guide out in a reasonably small format. The full size photos are also available on the CD so they can be transferred to your computer and viewed in a larger detailed format.
The instrument plan in PDF file format has both 22-1/2" and 24" scales shown with body joining the neck at the 12th fret on either choice of scale. The plan will enable you to construct a basic lap steel with either a 22-1/2" OR 24" scale length with details for both instruments shown. Body "wings" are shown superimposed over a 1" grid that will allow you to scale the drawing of the wing portion up to full size templates if you wish. There are also alternate suggestions for bridge and string mounting plates. The fret positions are printed out and there are full charts for accurate fret placement. The instrument can be modified as desired following the basic layout for critical measurements.

4. CD also has 109 large JPG images of all the photos from the guide's individual chapters. This allows you to explore the construction sequence in more detail.

Basic Lap Steel Construction Guide Chapters

  1. Overview
  2. Materials
  3. Center Section Construction
  4. Making templates from the basic lap steel plan
  5. Making body wings
  6. Adding fret board to body center section
  7. Adding frets to the prepared fret board
  8. Adding side wings to body center section
  9. Headstock and headstock overlay
  10. Installing the tuners
  11. Fabricating the bridge plate / string retainer
  12. Adding bridge plate / string retainer to body
  13. Making the pick guard
  14. Routing the control / pickup cavity
  15. Wiring the pickup, volume control, and output jack
  16. Adding the nut
  17. Final assembly and finishing of your lap steel
  18. Bluestem Basic Lap Steel Construction Guide Picture Caption Index

Please visit my other website designed to provide information on musical instrument construction. There are free plans as well as construction tips and techniques available at the present time.

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